BMW's Latest Protonic Finish To Be Unveiled In Paris

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With a paint finished named after the science behind electricity, you know it will be something that turns heads.

The BMW i8 is the best-selling hybrid sports car to date, and the combination of aggressive styling and brilliant performance warrant special editions. This lead the Bavarian carmaker to bring out the large and silent cars in some very head-turning paint finishes. It makes sense though because the visuals are exactly what's needed to make you look because there's no roaring engine to attract your attention. Such is the nature of the technology that motivates the i8.


A proton is a positively charged elementary particle that is a fundamental constituent of all atomic nuclei. It is the lightest and most stable baryon, so translating that into the protonic paint, it sounds like something an electric car of the future must have. OK, granted, it may just be a cool name for the color and not really a technologically advanced paint. What we do know is that Protonic Dark Silver follows on the heels of Protonic Red and Protonic Blue, and is arguably the best looking of the lot, even though it's not quite as in your face as the other colors and also hides the body's futuristic lines a bit.

For this Protonic Dark Silver version, there's no limit on production numbers, as long as the orders stream in, the car will be produced in this colour. The images do look good though, but when less arty pics start doing the rounds after the unveiling at the 2016 Paris Motor Show, we'll be able to see if the color works as well in the metal, so to speak. If it does, we think the color would also look great on the i3, although there's no word whether the same finish will become an option on any other BMW models. Yet.

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