BMW’s Latest Technology: Laser Headlights


BMW is releasing even more information on their new technologies.

BMW prides itself on being one of the foremost leaders in the technological innovation of automobiles. The last few days have seen BMW bring out their autonomous driving technology and their super-efficient thermoelectric technology, and now the Germans are releasing some more information on their latest breakthrough in headlight technology. In terms of exterior lighting, BMW has been one of the most active in advancement.

Some of their previous innovations have included full LED headlamps for the BMW 6-Series and the pedestrian-illuminating Dynamic Light Spot. While Lexus and other companies are equipping their newest brands with LED technology, BMW has already moved up to laser light science. Benefits of laser technology are many, according to BMW's engineers. For example, lasers shine a brighter and more evenly-distributed beam. Their intensity can also be up to a thousand times greater than that of standard lights, making it even easier to blind drivers in front of you.

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The new lights are also supposedly highly-efficient, meaning you can save fuel during night and evening drives. The new laser headlights are currently in the R&D phase, though we expect them to arrive in the next few years on BMW models.