BMW's Livery for the 2012 Olympic Games Released

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BMW has just released their Olympic Livery for London.

The 2012 Olympic Games are being held this summer in London, England, and BMW is supplying the fleet of official cars for the Games. Over 40 3- and 5-Series models, like the ones seen here, will be made available for transporting competitors and officials to their respective competitions and back to their lodgings. BMW has just released the official livery that each of their cars will be dressed in and they are festive to say the least.

The London Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games (LOCOG) set very strict emissions standards to keep the Games as green as possible, which BMW met with a wide array of vehicles. They range from hybrids, diesels and pure EVs. "BMW's Olympic fleet needs to be varied to deal with the complex operational demands of the Games time effort. We were selected as a partner based on our ability to provide such a diverse fleet that could achieve the challenging emissions threshold as set by LOCOG. The Games fleet will include our class leading efficient diesels, hybrids, electric vehicles and even bicycles." said Tim Abbott, BMW UK Managing Director.

Mr. Abbott continued, saying that BMW is "extremely proud for our cars to be involved in the London 2012 Games and are excited about seeing them in full service this summer in these eye-catching designs." The 2012 London Summer Olympic Games kick off on July 27th. When combining the diesels, hybrids, EVs, motorcycles and bicycles at the Games, BMW estimates there will be around 4,000 units in total.

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