BMW's Most Powerful 7 Series EVER Just Got Leaked


BMW did a terrible job keeping its new flagship a secret.

Despite heavy competition from the Mercedes AMG division, BMW has never built a proper M7 to compete with the S63 and S65. It finally seems that BMW has acknowledged the competition and is prepared to unleash its V12 masterpiece onto the world. Unfortunately, someone at BMW made a huge mistake and BMW's own configurator leaked images of the new 7 Series model. The information was all in German, but the leaks from BMW Blog confirm that the new flagship will not be a fully fledged M model.

The new M760Li will be another addition to the M Sport series, joining the M235i. The new car will come with the M Sport Package as standard and pack a V12 that will likely make over 600 horsepower. That puts the M760Li right near the Mercedes S65 at 621 horses. Pricing for the new model has not been confirmed but expect it to start around $153,000, far less than the slightly more powerful S65 at $222,000. BMW has set its sights straight at AMG, and the ensuing luxury-barge battle should be pretty interesting.

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