BMW's MotoGP M4 Safety Car Is Showcasing A New Water Injection Intake Air Cooler


It looks really badass too, which we always enjoy.

BMW has provided safety cars for MotoGP before, and last year this proved to be an excellent opportunity to show off the new M4. This year's car will also be an M4, but this this time BMW is going to change things up a bit by introducing a technology which will supposedly be making it onto BMW road cars in the near future. Simply put, this is a water injection system which is used to cool the intake air and improve both power and fuel efficiency.

This is an important technology, since turbocharging is becoming so commonplace. Turbochargers improve the volumetric efficiency of an engine by compressing the intake air. More air in the cylinder means more power from the combustion. This is good, but turbocharging also heats up the air, and air is denser when it's cold. Intercoolers help with this, and water sprayers have been used to help in cooling these for years, but this is a much more advanced system. And, low and behold, BMW has just released a video showcasing its advanced system in action, which we have included on the next page.

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The water is supplied by a freeze-proof box in the trunk which BMW says would need refilling about every 5 times you fill up with gas, or every time you take it to the track.