BMW's New Tourer Looks Like a... WHAT?!

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Drawing inspiration is cool, but from Kia?

The BMW 2-Series Active Tourer can claim a lot of firsts: it's Bimmer's first front-wheel drive car, the first model expected to debut in the upcoming Geneva Motor Show, and the first model from the automaker to enter the small crossover segment. But one first it certainly won't be proud of is being the first BMW to be compared to the Kia Carens mini-minivan. We were skeptical at first, but from some angles the cars really do look nearly identical.

We've already grown accustomed to nearly-identical corporate twins appearing with various badging and trim changes. However, for BMW to produce a car that looks so much like a Kia would make it, um - a Hyundai? With the Active Tourer not slated for American import at the moment and the Carens not sold in the US, at least local buyers won't have to worry about shelling out BMW prices just to pull up at a traffic light next to an identical Kia-badged model. But should buyers in Europe opt for the Korean model and save themselves a few Euros?

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