BMW's Sexiest And Techiest Convertible Ever Won't Be Here Any Time Soon

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Good things always take time, right?

BMW may be teasing the whole world with its gorgeous and topless i8 sports car, but it's unlikely it'll make it to production anytime soon. Previous reports said a production-ready version of the BMW i8 Spyder would be here soon, but a new report from Australia's Motoring indicates that the convertible won't be here until 2017 or 2018. Last month Automotive News reported that BMW CEO Hearald Krueger announced the i8 Spyder was "nearing the end of the transition from concept to production."


While that was great news, Motoring states that a "well-placed BMW source" claims the topless hybrid won't be here any time soon. "There will be no new i models in 2016," the source stated. "Not even the convertible." That's not good news for fans of the i8. While the i8 Spyder is already in the works, Motoring believes that a Tesla-fighter-possibly a BMW i5 sedan-is more likely to reach production before the convertible sports car. We don't want to point fingers, but it looks like BMW is prioritizing is playing the numbers (money), especially since we've already seen an open-air i8 at the Consumer Electronics Show.

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