BMW’s Smashed by Hail in Texas

This is why there's a thing called insurance.

Ever hear of McAllen, Texas? Neither have we, but after seeing these images of what happened to a bunch of BMW's on a dealer's lot, we've decided not to make the trip there anytime soon (meaning never). The owner of this red 2012 335i is claiming that after the massively powerful hail struck his new car, he was told by the dealership that because water got into it, an all-new engine was required. Then there's that ridiculous amount of body damage.

Fortunately his insurance will cover the bill, but still, it's amazing to see just the amount of damage done. All told, some 77 new BMWs at this dealership's lot were heavily damaged by the hail storm. Many had broken windows and even more water damage throughout. Talk about being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

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