BMW's Upcoming i5 Could Have A Body Style You Might Hate

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The new i Series model is a go, but what will it look like?

BMW's i Series has been a topic of conversation ever since the i3 and i8 came onto the scene a few years ago. More recently the talk has centered on a new I model, widely believed to be called the i5, and whether or not it would be built. According to a new report from Autocar the i5 will indeed be built. Ian Robertson, a BMW board member for sales and marketing, told the English outlet that the automaker is trying to decide what it'll look like.

"You will see more i products. "We are in the final stages of deciding what the next car will be and when you'll see it," Robertson said. When asked if the car could debut next year when BMW celebrates its 100th birthday, the board member gave a vague yes, saying, "We will look back 100 years at that point, but mainly into the future." Many people have come to believe that the i5 will be a Tesla Model S fighter, but we've been hearing for a bit that it'll be a hybrid, not a fully electric vehicle like the i3. Autocar says the body style comes down to either an MPV or a sedan that could be positioned to battle the upcoming Tesla Model 3. The BMW i3 hasn't exactly been a sales superstar but that's to be expected from an EV not named Tesla.

Still, we think a hybrid BMW sedan would sell a lot better than a baby minivan. A sedan could be more performance-oriented as well. People love the i8 and would probably fall over themselves to get into a slightly more practical and cheaper i Series model that takes after the flagship coupe.

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