BMW's Upcoming X2 Imagined; Contain Yourselves

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Because it looks like a two-door X4/X6.

First off, this has no bearing on rendering artist Theophilus Chin. He's incredible at what he does. Keep the renderings coming, man. But when we saw his latest creation of what the upcoming BMW X2 could potentially look like, we had no feeling of excitement or even boredom. Why? Because this X2 rendering serves as a reminder that BMW has (somewhat) sold out its motoring heritage. Back in the day, BMW built the 2002, the original 3, 5, and 7 Series, and, well, that was roughly it.

But that was more than good enough. All of those cars were just extraordinary and, more importantly, they had a purpose. The X2, which will arrive on the scene in a few years' time, serves for nothing. It'll be a front-wheel-drive, overpriced raised coupe built on the same platform as the 2-Series Active Tourer. It'll be for those who have no clue about BMW's rich heritage. Yet, at the end of the day, it will sell. And after all, business is business.

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