BMW's Water Injection M4 Moto GP Safety Car Shows Up At Geneva


Such a shame that something which looks this cool is called a "safety car."

BMW having brought the new Moto GP safety car to the Geneva Motor Show will not help anyone in attendance to understand how it works. The thing which sets the car apart from other M4 is its new water injection system, and this isn't something which you can really see in action at all, even with the hood open. But that's okay, because the car looks cool, and that's really what car shows are about. It's the test drives later that determine if they're any good.

The water injection system is used to cool the intake air after the process of compressing it with the turbocharger makes it hot. Cold air is denser, and air that is both compressed and cold will give you better volumetric efficiency. Essentially, more power and improved fuel economy. It is reported that the system will make its production car debut with the M4 GTS when it first breaks cover in August. Of course, that will still technically be a concept, and it will be a bit more of a wait before you can get one in a dealership, but it shouldn't be terribly long. We're curious how this will sit with the public.

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