BMW Salesman Has Death-Defying Ride On Stolen M4

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It all began as a seemingly typical car sale but ended up becoming a death-defying experience involving high-speeds with the salesman hanging on to the car's hood for dear life. The thief could have cared less for 23-year-old Moe Al-Kaissy's safety and life. Al-Kaissy was showing a used F82-generation black BMW M4 coupe to a potential buyer last weekend in London, Ontario. Two still unidentified men wearing suits showed up in a silver Audi to check out the BMW, and then things went insane.

"He showed them the car for five minutes. They asked if they could hear it running, so Moe started it for him," said Mustafa Al-Kaissy, Moe's brother, to CBC News. One of the guys then asked to go inside the car to make a private phone call, which Al-Kaissy fairly assumed was about the upcoming purchase. And that's when it happened.

The London Free Press/YouTube
The London Free Press/YouTube
The London Free Press/YouTube

The guy hit the gas and slams into Al-Kaissy, forcing him onto the car's hood. And it was all caught on security footage. But instead of slowing down to let him escape, the thief accelerates down a busy street while Al-Kaissy's feet are dragging along the pavement. Swerving attempts were made to knock Al-Kaissy off that involved veering into the oncoming lane and running a red light.

It wasn't until the car turned onto another busy street did Al-Kaissy see his chance to safely escape. He's obviously now very sore and can barely walk but knows he's lucky to be alive.

The London Free Press/YouTube
The London Free Press/YouTube

"Watching it, I just think, 'This could have gone wrong so many different ways, a million different ways'" the younger Al-Kaissy brother said. "I can remember everything that happened, and I know in that moment, it was fight or flight. It was hang on to the car or fall off and probably die."

The brothers have since warned other dealerships in the area about what happened and to be on the lookout. Stealing cars in broad daylight happens and, in this case, can be very dangerous. Police are still searching for the thieves, along with the missing BMW and Audi.

The London Free Press/YouTube
The London Free Press/YouTube
Source Credits: CBC News

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