BMW Says New EVs Will Look Completely Different

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The Neue Klasse platform is set to bring all-new tech to Bimmers in 2025.

BMW is accelerating its plans for electrification and has revealed that we have at least four new models to look forward to. At the same time, the German automaker has been working on numerous electric two-wheeler concepts. For production EVs, BMW will adopt a new platform called Neue Klasse. We know that this new platform will serve various types of vehicles from SUVs to sedans and will aim to use as many sustainable materials as possible, but the details of BMW's plans for the new platform haven't been elaborated on very much more than that. At least, they weren't until now.

2022 BMW i4 Forward View BMW 2022 BMW i4 Rear Perspective Driving BMW
2022 BMW i4 Forward View
2022 BMW i4 Rear Perspective Driving

According to a report from Autocar, the third phase of BMW's electrification strategy will kick off in 2025 with an all-new executive saloon, likely the electric 3 Series. Whatever it is, the new car will get BMW's sixth-generation electric powertrain, the ability to charge quickly, a long range, and a fully customizable digital operating system. Internally, the car is known by codename NK1, representing the first car on the Neue Klasse platform. This car will serve as the basis for all BMW EVs from 2025 on and will represent an all-new outlook on design and innovation, just as the Neue Klasse vehicles of the 1960s and 1970s did.

Driving Front Angle BMW Rear Perspective Driving BMW
Driving Front Angle
Rear Perspective Driving

Research & development chief Frank Weber says that this new platform will allow BMW to build far more cars far more quickly, reducing R&D and increasing factory output. But it's not just the underpinnings that will change - styling will be completely fresh too.

"People are expecting different aesthetics," said Weber. "That's why we've developed a new styling direction for our electric models." This new styling direction is evident in vehicles like the BMW iX and the new i Vision Circular Concept.

Weber goes on to say that the electric motors being developed will be "even more efficient yet more powerful than those [it uses] today," meaning that we will be getting M versions of these EVs too. The batteries for these new EVs will be continually enhanced until solid-state batteries become viable too, but Weber would not give specifics.

While Weber hasn't provided many more details on the Neue Klasse vehicles than we already had, it's clear that BMW is working hard to keep its promises. We look forward to seeing the fruits of its efforts in 2025.

Source Credits: Autocar

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2022 BMW i4 Forward View 2022 BMW i4 Rear Perspective Driving Rear Perspective Driving Driving Front Angle

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