BMW Says The i4 And iX Are Sold Out For Months

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It's not a bad problem to have.

The new BMW i4 and iX are the German automaker's first major assault in the fully electrified vehicle market. Plenty more new models are yet to come. In 2025, BMW will unveil its new dedicated EV architecture that'll underpin a wide variety of models. If BMW had any doubts buyers wouldn't be interested in EVs then those worries can be put to rest.

BMW CEO Oliver Zipse, via Automotive News, said that 6,000 new jobs are going to be necessary over the next year due to high EV demand. The demand is so high, in fact, that both the i4 and iX are sold out for the time being. "Our i4 is sold out for months, as is the iX," he said. BMW will launch a fully electrified version of the 7 Series next year and already Zipse has high hopes.

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"It won't be any different there," he said regarding expected demand for that large sedan. Zipse acknowledged production of these EVs is difficult right now because demand was higher than expected and there's simply not enough factory workers. It was recently rumored BMW is considering adding a Saturday shift at its Munich production facility, home of the i4.

By 2030, BMW is hoping at least 50 percent of its global sales will be electrified vehicles. However, the carmaker still remains concerned about the global EV charging infrastructure. Some countries and blocks, such as the EU, have been acting relatively fast in setting up charging stations.

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The US has been improving as well, but other countries where BMWs are popular still lag behind. There's also the matter of the ongoing semiconductor chip crisis. Compared to other automakers like GM and Ford, BMW has managed to navigate the situation fairly well. But Zipse expressed concern that customers have to wait longer than normal for delivery. Analysts predict the chip crisis will subside somewhat in 2022.

For BMW, its initial foray into the EV world is already off to a solid start. Don't worry if you're can't buy an i4 or iX at the moment. You're not the only one.

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Source Credits: Automotive News

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