BMW Seriously Considering M7 For Next Generation 7 Series, Says "Demand Is There"

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Sounds like it could be insane, we love it.

Both BMW's M division and the 7 Series have been around for quite a few years, but never have the two joined forces. Sure, you can get an Alpina B7, but BMW has never believed that an out-and-out performance version of the big sedan was the right move. In a recent interview with AutoGuide, Carsten Pries, BMW's M products boss, said that ever since the first spy shots of the new 7 Series surfaced online, he's been getting emails begging for an M version.

Any random yahoo can send an email, but Pries went on to say there is actually a "real demand" for an M7, and that he would really like to make one. But the obstacle now isn't so much that BMW brass doesn't think it would be proper, but rather that other projects are also competing for the department's limited development resources; projects which could conceivably be more profitable. So the question is whether the demand is enough to, as Pries put it, ""make such a project a priority ahead of other potential projects." That's going to be a maybe for now, but we're glad to see BMW is at least open to the possibility.


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