BMW Seriously Looking At Resurrecting The 8 Series

BMW has Bentley in its crosshairs.

As a move to create some competition for the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, BMW is planning on bringing back its 8-Series badge as a new flagship model. The new 8 Series is expected to come out in 2020 and will take on the S-Class, as well as the Bentley Continental GT. The 8 Series is rumored to have similar driveline components, architecture, and technology as the sixth-generation of the 7 Series. According to Autocar, sources at BMW’s R&D claim that two different layouts for the 8 Series have been presented to BMW’s chairman Harald Krueger.

The first layout uses a four-door layout and is described as being “similar in concept to the BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe only bigger and nobler in appearance.” The other layout is a two-door coupe with a convertible variant. A decision on a layout will be made in 2018 with concept following suit. The reasoning behind a new 8 Series is due to sales. “With the decision to bring back the 8 Series, Krueger is looking at a potentially lucrative revenue stream with high profitability on a per unit basis,” a BMW senior manager revealed to Autocar. Rumors of a new 8 Series can be traced back to 2010, but BMW denied any plans to bring the badge back in 2013. With luxury cars being a hit in the US and China, the 8 Series is a sure bet for BMW.

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