BMW Shows Off 2016 7-Series In Unconventional Way: Is This The Future Of Car Releases?


You wont have to take a test drive to be sold.

Uber has been causing its fair share of chaos since it launched in 2009, but its business model targets an area of the market that was once untapped. In the spirit of innovating, Uber is trying everything. From claiming it will soon offer driverless rides from autonomous Teslas to offering car leasing programs. Now Uber is working with BMW to offer test rides instead of test-drives of the freshly revised 2016 BMW 7 series. The one-day event was held October 19th in Los Angeles, New York, Miami, and Chicago.

The drivers were BMW's own spokespeople who highlighted the car's features, giving a sales pitch to prospective buyers chilling in the back. BMW's logic isn't so crazy since the 7 Series is a car that affluent buyers gravitate to as an incognito alternative to a limousine. Since these buyers employ their own chauffeurs to drive them, a test ride is likely all the testing they need to be convinced to pluck down $82,295 for the stealthy luxury liner. To help prospective buyers save the cash they need to buy a 7 Series, BMW offered the rides for free.

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