BMW Sportback Concept Nails It

A few ideas that BMW designers should perhaps pay attention to.

The sudden trend among German manufacturers to produce vehicles which bridge the gap between sedan and hatchback has produced some excellent results. The Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class has been very well received, as has the Audi A7, but somewhat less well accepted was the BMW 5-Series GT. It is an acquired taste at best. Turkish designer Ismet Cevik has therefore come up with a concept which, although clearly a different sort of car than the 5-Series, finally gets the sloping back end right.

He is calling it, appropriately enough, the BMW Sportback Concept, and it has achieved much that BMW’s designers haven’t seemed to have been able to nail down. The car is a big GT, a sort of spiritual successor to the 8-Series, with a certain amount of the design elements from the i8 thrown in. We obviously shouldn’t expect to see the car in dealerships, but it is nice to see an evolution of the idea behind a favorite like the 8-Series, not to mention a proper sportback for the 5er.

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