BMW Stopped Production Of The 6 Series Coupe In February


And didn't tell anyone...until now.

Without making any official announcement, BMW ended production of its 6 Series coupe in February and it's currently unknown whether this is a permanent decision. It probably is. The news comes to us today from Road and Track who confirmed the production stoppage with a BMW spokesperson. This really shouldn't come as a huge surprise, considering we've known for some time that BMW was thinking about killing off the 6 Series in favor of reviving the 8 Series, which we've spotted testing numerous times.

There's simply too much overlap in terms of packaging and pricing between the two to have both. The current 6 Series is also built, along with its convertible and four-door Gran Coupe counterparts, on the previous generation 5 Series platform. It also shares many components with the outgoing 5 Series, such as powertrains and interior. Point being, the 6 Series lineup, in general, is dated and the market for big coupes is not strong, hence the expansion of four-door coupes. Our guess is the coupe's production stoppage is just the first stage of retiring the 6 Series entirely. The convertible is almost certain to follow the coupe's fate in the near future.

As for the Gran Coupe, although we don't have specific sales figures, it's been said to sell better than the two-door hardtop version, but, again, it's past its prime and there's no reason why BMW would want to continue building components for what's essentially a six-year-old design. Nevertheless, we'll miss the 6 Series coupe and we hope the upcoming 8 Series will somehow continue that luxury two-door tradition.


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