BMW Sues Car Company For Selling Counterfeit Parts

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Don't mess with BMW.

Lawsuits directed at car manufacturers aren't unusual. Ferrari, Tesla and GM have all had lawsuits thrown at them from disgruntled consumers and companies in recent months. In this case, however, the tables are turned, because BMW is suing a US-based car company for trademark and design patent infringement. As reported by WIPR, the automaker is accusing the company of using its trademarks on a series of counterfeit products.


The company in question that has riled BMW is Mazz Auto Group, which specializes in selling auto parts online and in a California shop under the name of Mazz Autosport. In the lawsuit, BMW is accusing the firm of infringing and diluting its trademarks and design patents, and using false designations of origin, as well as committing fraudulent business practices. The German manufacturer believes that Mazz Auto Group has been using its website to sell counterfeit car wheels, center caps and badges fraudulently branded with BMW's trademarks and design patents.

Some parts were also found on Craigslist, and additional fake BMW products were reportedly being sold at the Mazz Autosport business in California. BMW believes that Mazz's actions were committed in bad faith mislead the "consuming public" and is seeking a jury trial, where it hopes to be rewarded with $2 million per counterfeit mark, all court costs and attoneys' fees, and the destruction of the infringed articles, among other awards. In other words, don't mess with BMW.

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