BMW Takes Sales Lead From Audi and Mercedes

For now at least.

It’s really a never ending sales battle between these three German automakers, but for now BMW has officially taken the lead. Despite strong sales of the new Mercedes CLA and Audi’s continued growth, BMW managed to secure its sales lead last month with a reported 17 percent increase. So far this year, BMW’s sales are up 12 percent for a total of 428,259 vehicles sold. Audi came in second place with 412,850, and Mercedes sold 374,276 vehicles.

For a very brief time earlier this year, Audi sales surpassed BMW, but it didn’t last long. In fact, sales analysts expect BMW to retain its lead for the rest of the year. How come? Because of its SUVs. For example, first-quarter sales of the X1 are up by 15 percent, X3 by 11 percent and the X5 by 14 percent. Audi is fighting back will launch 17 new or refreshed models this year alone as part of its plan to overtake BMW in the sales battle by the end of the decade. Mercedes, for its part, has also pledged to reach this same goal by 2020 by introducing 30 new models, a dozen of which will be entirely new with no predecessor. Get ready for the upcoming blitzkrieg.

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