BMW Teases All-New i4 M50 Collaboration With Kith

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Kith and BMW are at it again.

Kith is pretty much anywhere you can find a BMW badge at this point. Heck, we wouldn't be surprised if BMW dealers started selling Kith merch out of their stores. The brand has run a gamut of collaborations with BMW, ranging from a limited edition BMW M4 Comp to an as-yet-unrevealed retro collaboration that Kith's owner, Ronnie Fieg has teased.

Fieg himself is quite a fan of the brand and clearly works with BMW at every opportunity. He's even got his own one-off E30 M3. This latest car is going to be just about as far from that as you can get. Kith just showed the car briefly on its Instagram, and it's a custom BMW i4 M50.

We're expecting official news from BMW at any moment. Keep an eye on the news feeds late tonight, as BMW has a habit of dropping things late on US time, as that's early morning over in der Vaterland. Regardless, the video shows the new car at the BMW Welt facility in Munich. We spy a few blurry objects that may be Kith logos adorning the first all-electric M car, as well as some more custom touches.

Unfortunately, much of this is tough to make out in the clip, and it's only a few seconds long with pretty "meh" video quality. It appears to have some new BMW roundels, just like the M4 did. In fact, we wouldn't be shocked if they were identical.


We also see some uprated 19-inch wheels, as well as custom roundels on the wheels. On top of that, the car clearly has some custom paintwork done. It has a very similar crystalline effect to the switchgear on the i7 and iX, which features prominently in the interior of both. Again, it's unclear how this was accomplished. We doubt the bodywork has been altered to accomplish the effect.

More likely, it's just a trick of the light and some super special paintwork. The car also gets red brake calipers in addition to the litany of cosmetic changes.

2022-2023 BMW i4 Driving Front Angle BMW

While BMW hasn't given any official word on the new collaboration just yet, we can't imagine the Bavarians staying silent for much longer. Fieg says in the video that the M50 is going on a trip across Europe, and we're sure that BMW will want to make an effort to approach that.

Clearly, Kith has a good thing going with BMW. It's not clear how many of these will be made, or even if any more of them will be made. We'll simply have to wait and see.


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2022-2023 BMW i4 Driving Front Angle

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