BMW: The First Automaker To Open A Store On eBay

As online buying continues to rapidly grow, German automaker BMW has decided to take full advantage of the internet shopping spree. After watching numerous retailers sell BMW parts and accessories online with much success, BMW has decided to launch the first ever automaker store on eBay. With added online security and even a two year guarantee, BMW is hoping the online store will be yet another way to boost already impressive sales figures.

However, the new eBay store is being run by the company's U.K. division, meaning it's not yet available in the U.S. If proven successful, then BMW will probably begin opening the store to more markets. Apparently, eBay UK receives roughly 600,000 searches a month just for BMW. This is a clear indication of how successful the official new store can be, so we wouldn't be surprised to see BMW open a U.S. version in the near future.

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