BMW Thinks Tesla's Autopilot Is A Danger To The Public?!

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How did the automaker come up with such a conclusion?

By now everyone knows Tesla's autopilot feature. If you don't know what it is, there are tons of videos of it in action, so educate yourself. Many people seem to like it very much as it gives more freedom to the driver. However, it seems that BMW thinks the system is flawed. BMW CEO Harald Kruger told German newspaper Handelsblatt that "Autopilot will not allow Tesla to overtake BMW in autonomous-driving technology because it isn't as refined as it should be." That qualifies as shots fired to us.

Why does he think this? Because of the Silicon Valley mentality that Tesla has, specifically towards the app industry. Kruger said that "in the app industry, you can launch products on the market that are 70 to 80 percent ready and then complete their development with the customer. That is absolutely impossible with safety features in a car." That's a good point because the autopilot feature only works in dense traffic with clear road markings. To further solidify his example, Kruger states that "BMW has technology that can automate driving at speeds up to 120 kph (74 mph), but won't make it available to the public until it is 100 percent ready."

Do you think that Tesla made a mistake in releasing the autopilot feature as, in Kruger's words, an incomplete version? Or is it good enough?

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