BMW Tops The List Of 10 Cars Most Likely To Have Been In An Accident

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Are you really surprised by this?

Not to be alarmist, but by the time you finish reading this sentence, a crash will have already taken place somewhere within the US and another will nearly be complete. By the end of this 24 hour cycle, a total of 27,000 will have taken place, and though statistics like this paint a bleak yet broad image, the spread of accidents by time, region, or even vehicle is not as black and white. Wikilender, has put together a list of the top ten cars that are typically involved in crashes to prove that to us. To compile the list, it began by focusing on cars made in 2009 and later.

Wikilender then split the accidents by type: those reported by insurance agencies and body shops or the ones left unreported. The latter types don't pop up on insurance reports and won't be pointed out by sites like Carfax, so the only way to find out about them is when inspectors flag the cars for damage. In this case, Wikilender identified unreported accidents by focusing on auction report conditions that showed more than one metal body panel with signs of paintwork. After sorting through the data on each form of accident for over 2.4 million vehicles, Wikilender constructed a list of the ten vehicles most likely to have been in an accident. Keep them in mind-especially the unreported accidents-when car shopping on Craigslist.

In order, these are the…. 1) BMW 4 Series with 11.5% of accidents reported and 7% unreported. 2) BMW X1 with 11% of accidents reported and 5.3% unreported. 3) Range Rover Evoque with 10.9% of accidents reported and 5.6% unreported. 4) Jaguar XJ with 8.2% of accidents reported and 7.5% unreported. 5) Infiniti JX (the model that precedes the QX60) with 9.3% of accidents reported and 5.4% unreported. 6) Lexus RX 350 with 10.5% of accidents reported and 3.8% unreported. 7) Audi A5 with 9.5% of accidents reported and 4.7% unreported. 8) Cadillac ATS with 8.5% of accidents reported and 5.6% unreported.

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9) Lexus CT 200h with 8.7% of accidents reported and 5% unreported. 10) Infiniti QX60 with 8% of accidents reported and 5.5% unreported. One interesting pattern sticks out among the rest. Namely, that all of these cars are high-end vehicles from established luxury marquees. Another is that, aside from the Jaguar XJ, every model on the list is on the lower end or midway on the totem pole of its respective brand, perhaps pointing to a trend of unsafe driving by well-heeled owners (range-toppers are sold in less volume, so less crash reports are expected). We were a bit surprised to see the Ford Mustang skip the list but not at all that taken aback to find BMW at the top of it. Hey, sometimes stereotypes are around for a reason.

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