Here's Why BMW Touring Car Racing is Insane

It's all about winning. No matter what.

“If you’re a Formula 1 driver you want to drive for Ferrari. If you’re a touring car driver you want to drive for BMW.” These are the opening words in the trailer for the upcoming documentary "Adrenalin – The BMW Touring Car Story." Drivers past and present of these BMWs consider F1 to be boring. Why? Because there’s no fighting or rubbing of cars. They don’t consider F1 an example of pure racing. And before BMW became known as a luxury global brand, it was (and still is) heavily involved in DTM, or touring car racing.

From its glory days in the 1960s to today’s victories in the new M4, "Adrenalin" is the story of these borderline insane BMW drivers and how they risk it all for the sake of winning.

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