BMW & Toyota Developing Uber-86


Partnership between BMW and Toyota could see the GT86 used as the basis for a larger, more powerful sportscar for both.

There were many elements to the partnership which BMW and Toyota announced back in January. Some of it comes down to diesel engines (which BMW has and Toyota needs) and hybrid powertrains (which Toyota has and BMW needs). But the more exciting part of the collaboration that everyone's been looking forward to the most is the joint sportscar program, which was reportedly already under way when the deal was announced. Now Motor Trend has put together its projection of what form the finished product will take.

With Tetsuya Tada (the chief engineer behind the GT86/FR-S program) taking a lead role, MT expects that the GT86 platform will serve as the base, only stretched to accommodate more engine options including potential supercharged, turbocharged or hybrid options. The latter would placing electric motors in the front wheels (for a similar setup to the upcoming BMW i8) to give it all-wheel drive. The German and Japanese versions would be more distinct from each other than the GT86/FR-S is from the Subaru BRZ, and at least one could bow (in concept form at least) at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show.

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