BMW Trolls Tesla Cybertruck After Selling 500,000 EVs


BMW sees your 250k Tesla Cybertruck preorders, and raises you half-a-million electrified vehicle sales.

BMW seemed to be having a bit of fun at Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk's expense this week, tweeting out live updates as it approached - and crossed - the 500,000-unit sales threshold for its electrified vehicles. The cheeky tweets were presumably a lighthearted jab at Musk tweeting last month as Tesla Motors amassed 250,000 preorders for the divisively styled Tesla Cybertruck.

On November 24th, Musk tweeted simply "200k", following up days later with a tweet that read "250k". In response, this past Wednesday, BMW tweeted "499,820", kicking off a count on Twitter that ended Thursday with the number 500,000, CNBC reports.

2020 BMW 330e BMW
2020 BMW 330e BMW

BMW subsequently announced that they had sold a total of half-a-million electrified vehicles, including electric and hybrid models. The German automaker currently offers a range of 12 electrified products, including the subcompact BMW i3 battery-electric hatchback, the BMW i8 plug-in hybrid sports car, and hybrid versions of popular luxury models like the 3 Series, 5 Series, and 7 Series.

BMW's 500,000th electrified vehicle delivery was a 330e hybrid sedan in blue, and the milestone was commemorated with BMW's Senior Vice President of the German market, Sebastian Mackensen, handing over the keys to the car's new owner at BMW Welt - a combination delivery, museum, and event venue.

2020 BMW i3s and i8 Special Editions Wilfried Wulff via BMW
BMW i3s Wilfried Wulff via BMW
BMW 330e Wilfried Wulff via BMW

BMW's proliferation of electrified powertrains will only accelerate from here; the automaker has set an ambitious target to deliver a total of one million electrified vehicles before the end of 2021. Key to this strategy is next year's planned introduction of the BMW iX3 - a pure-electric version of the X3 crossover, which will be the first to benefit from the German company's fifth-generation electric powertrain tech.

The iX3 will draw its energy from a 74-kWh battery pack, lending it a driving range of some 273 miles on the WLTP test cycle. Bear in mind: WLTP figures tend to be more optimistic than EPA numbers, so expect an estimated range closer to 220 miles or so in the US.

BMW Hybrid Models Wilfried Wulff via BMW
BMW Group Electrified Lineup BMW

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BMW Hybrid Models
BMW i3s
BMW 330e
BMW Group Electrified Lineup
2020 BMW i3s and i8 Special Editions

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