BMW's New Fragrance System Uses Roundel Badge To Produce A Pleasant Smell

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Now outsiders can also enjoy that expensive German smell.

CarBuzz has discovered a patent for a new exterior fragrance release unit BMW filed with the German Patent and Trademark Office (DPMA). This new patent follows shortly after Bimmer filed a separate application for scented air-conditioning vent cartridges to enhance the experience on the inside.

The secret to this system is the BMW emblem pasted to the front and rear of the car. According to the patent filing, the famous roundel will hoist up from the vehicle and will be able to move vertically and horizontally. While doing so, it will emit a predetermined fragrance, surrounding the car with what we assume will be a pleasant or nostalgia-inducing smell. We're talking about something basic like vanilla (widely regarded as the most pleasant smell) or the smell of burnt oil you get after rod bearing failure.

Either way, the keyless entry system will detect when an owner is approaching, and the BMW badge will turn and face them, emitting said fragrance.

German Patent and Trade Mark Office
German Patent and Trade Mark Office

As you've probably guessed by now, this is the next big step in car greetings. Most high-end cars use puddle lamps to remind you that you're driving something expensive, which, admittedly, is a good feeling. Kia is even developing a system to let you design your own puddle lamp. Considering recent events, it will probably say something like, "please don't steal me."

The patent also states that the feature can be controlled by the driver, either from inside the car or via the keyfob. We can therefore see multiple uses for this feature beyond a cordial greeting.

While BMW is doing its best to go green, it's still building some of the most socially unacceptable cars on the road. While we believe that every American has the right to buy a silly overpowered SUV coupe like the BMW X6 M, anti-ICE activists have gotten more extreme these last few months and are now gluing themselves to cars.

In seconds, a little pepper spray hidden underneath the roundel would solve that problem.

2020-2023 BMW X6 Driving Back View BMW

Obviously, someone in Munich is obsessed with smell, but for a good reason. As you may have noticed, BMW's designs are controversial at the moment.

We checked into the science, and smell plays a more critical role than vision. Just take a moment and remember a few scents, and you'll know what we're on about. What does your favorite bakery smell like? Why do hospitals all have that distinctive off-putting smell? And did you know that casinos use scent to great effect to keep customers gambling?

The research shows that the average person can remember a smell with 65% accuracy over a year, while visual memory drops to 50% within months. Basically, BMW wants you to remember what your XM smells like rather than what it looks like, which is a good business model.


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2020-2023 BMW X6 Driving Back View

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