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BMW Unveils 620-HP Surprise For M5’s 35th Birthday

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It's an extremely powerful limited-edition model, of course.

Arguably the only thing harder than building an excellent sedan that can shuttle its passengers around in comfort and then rip its way around a race track at a blistering pace on track day is repeating that excellence across multiple generations. But that's exactly what BMW has done with the M5. Things have changed for the M5 quite a bit since the first generation, the E28, came out in 1984. Cars were simpler back then and manufacturers had more ability to focus on driving dynamics.

But even a few generations down the line, after luxury cars had gotten heavier and grown more complex, the E60 was good enough that Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson likened it to a four-door Ferrari. And though the subsequent F10 and current-gen F90 have lost some of the attributes that enthusiasts loved, like natural steering feel, BMW is still blending luxury, practicality, and performance in ways that belie belief.

In order to commemorate that, BMW has just released a very special M5, the M5 Edition 35 Years. This limited-edition model, which goes on sale as a 2020 M5, celebrates the 35 years BMW's M division has been working its magic on the 5 Series.

Based on the M5 Competition, the M5 Edition 35 Years boasts a 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 making 617 horsepower and 553 lb-ft of torque, which it sends to all four wheels (or out the rear wheels if 'drift mode' is active) through an eight-speed Steptronic automatic transmission. 0-60 mph is dispatched in only 3.1 seconds before the Bimmer hits a top Speed of 189 mph. The go-fast hardware from the M5 Competition is all here, too. That includes engine mounts that are 55% stiffer, a ride that's seven millimeters lower, and springs that are 10% stiffer than a standard M5's.

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Visual differentiation comes from a shade of Individual Frozen Dark Grey II metallic paint with a special pigmentation that creates the appearance of a silk matte finish. The sedan also sits on a set of 20-inch M light alloy wheels finished in an exclusive shade of Graphite Grey. Additionally, the lightweight M compound brakes are painted in high-gloss black.

The interior gets special badges reading "M5 Edition 35 Jahre" while the M Sport seats have been finished is Individual Merino black leather with contrasting beige stitching. The center console, door trim sections, and instrument panel all get a gold anodized aluminum carbon finish to round out the look. And to ensure the few lucky drivers who get their hands on the M5 Edition 35 Years represent the brand correctly, BMW is throwing in a voucher for its M Driver's School in either Thermal, CA or Spartanburg, SC.

And by few lucky drivers, we really do mean few. BMW is only making 350 copies of the M5 Edition 35 Years, only 35 of which will make it to the USA. Prices start at $128,995 including destination and gas guzzler tax, and drivers can pick up their new rides after production starts in September.