BMW Unveils M3 Coupe Chrome Bullet


WARNING: If you stare at the BMW M3 Chrome Bullet in sunlight, there's a chance your corneas may fry.

Just when we thought that BMW couldn't build any more limited edition models of the current generation M3, the German automaker proved us wrong once again. But this unique M3 isn't specifically for China, Europe, or the U.S. In fact, we don't even know if it'll be for sale anywhere. The M3 Coupe Chrome Bullet is made out of - you guessed it - chrome and features the infamous M motorsport decal on the hood.

Revealed a few days ago in Munich, BMW still hasn't confirmed whether the chrome exterior will be offered even as a limited edition, but with any M3, we're sure there would be someone out there willing to pay extra to have one. With the exception of the chrome, the M3 Coupe has the same 4.0-liter V8 with 414hp under the hood. Power is sent to the rear wheels via either a six-speed manual or an optional dual-clutch transmission. The standard M3 Coupe starts off at around $59,000, so we'd imagine that if the Chrome Bullet were to be offered, the price would be jacked up a decent amount.

But still, it would certainly be an eye-catcher. In fact, it may cause blindness in direct sunlight. We'll likely know shortly whether or not BMW will offer a few for sale, but our guess is no. As the current M3 will soon be replaced by the next generation model, BMW is probably simply building various one-offs for display or for VIP customers.

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