BMW Unveils The New 1 Series Sedan But You Can't Have It

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China can keep this BMW sell-out.

We pretty much knew what to expect from the BMW 1 Series based on the Concept Compact Sedan. BMW showed off this concept specifically for the Chinese market and know we finally know what the production model will look like. The 1 Series sedan will be based on the UKL1 platform that underpins the 2 Series Active Tourer and X1. That means that it will be FWD, cue the BMW enthusiast panic. We think that BMW fans will hate this car, but the good news is that they may never have to see one.

BMW has developed the 1 Series Sedan with China in mind and chances are the model won't be sold outside the Chinese market. For once, we are actually happy to hear that a car won't be sold outside of China. This BMW seems like a complete sell-out car that caters to one specific market. Just one picture has been shown so far but at a quick glance, it reminds us of a Hyundai Accent with a BMW grill. Hopefully this FWD 1 Series can offer a nice driving experience, but so far this BMW leaves us very disinterested.

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