BMW Updates The 3 Series GT, But Is It Any Less Ugly?

Just stick with the wagon. This thing is awful.

When BMW first announced the 3 Series GT, we were dumbfounded. BMW's goal was to create something that was more sleeker than an SUV or wagon but still as practical. Sounds like a good idea right? The result wasn't quite as bad as the 5 Series GT, which is probably the worst looking BMW of all time. The 3 Series GT has just been given a refresh, but we are hard-pressed to figure out what BMW did to it. It still doesn't look very nice. New visual upgrades include LED headlights and taillights, as well as revised bumpers.

The interior gets some nice additions like a new interface for the iDrive system and a wireless charging system for smart phones. New interior colors and trims will be made available and interior volume still remains at 56.5 cubic feet. In the US, the 3 Series GT will be offered in 330i and 340i guises with a 2.0-liter 248-hp four-cylinder and a 3.0-liter 320-hp six-cylinder engine. Both variants come with an eight-speed automatic transmission and AWD only. The 2017 3 Series GT will hit US dealers later this year and will cost close to the 2016 model's $43,995 base price. We still don't understand why this exists when you can buy a 3 Series wagon or X3.

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