BMW Upgrades iDrive To Make It More User-Friendly Than Ever Before

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Operating System 8.5 will debut in certain vehicles from July 2023, with Operating System 9.0 to follow in the X1 in November.

BMW's iDrive will get a lot better in 2023, with a raft of upgrades aimed at making the driver's life a lot easier.

The automaker introduced the sleek-looking Curved Display not too long ago, modernizing the look and feel of the infotainment system. From July, certain models will receive the QuickSelect feature that brings forth a superior menu structure. BMW claims the revisions provide a "focused, assured driving experience" by previewing the correct information in the right place.

A zero-layer principle has been applied, meaning all the essential information and functions are now displayed on a single level. This means no more fumbling and searching through submenus to perform simple tasks. Live widgets, positioned in a vertical arrangement closest to the driver's side, enable the user to select individually configured functions by simply swiping the icon.

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QuickSelect should allow the driver to interact with various functions, such as the vehicle settings and contact list, without fuss and return to the main screen quickly by tapping the home icon.

"BMW iDrive is more than just a control and operating system - it's a digital world of experience allowing human and car to interact with one another and exchange information. As we said at the Consumer Electronics Show in January 2023, we are continuously enhancing the associated user experience based on the latest available technology," said BMW's senior vice president for connected company development, Stephan Durach.

The Bavarian brand says the simplified interface and Curved Display work together to provide a driver-focused experience that makes finding functions simpler and faster. BMW Operating System 8.5 will be available from July 2023 in cars like the all-electric i4 and iX, and the X5, X6, XM, and 7 Series. The next-generation BMW 5 Series will also feature the updated version.


In November, the brand-new BMW X1 - revealed last year - will receive Operating System 9.0, along with the 2 Series Active Tourer, which is not sold in the United States.

It's incredible to think that when iDrive was launched more than 20 years ago, it was described as a silly gimmick that created more problems than it solved. While that may be true (the original system that debuted in the E65/6 7 Series was very cumbersome), the system has evolved into arguably one of the best infotainment systems in the automotive segment.

And it's not stopping here. With the BMW i Vision Dee, the automaker has shown us what the future of in-car infotainment and connectivity will look like.


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