BMW Used V10 Soundtrack For M2 Video And The Internet Went Mad

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Unfortunately for BMW, the clip has already been reposted.

Remember BMW's S85 naturally-aspirated V10 engine that powered the Bangle-era M5 and M6? Of course you do. It was one of the marque's most manic powerplants, not only providing shattering power but also a truly memorable soundtrack. It's that V10-engined wail that is the subject of BMW's latest social media faux pas.

The company had posted a video of the M2 Coupe as a farewell to 2020 but unwisely chose to use the soundtrack of a V10 engine to accompany the M2's smoky burnouts. It's not obvious whether this is a V10 M5's engine or something Italian. Eagle-eyed (or is that eagle-'eared'?) car enthusiasts were not impressed, to say the least, and the company has noticed.

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That V10 sound is unmistakable but couldn't be further removed from the M2's actual engine, which is a 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-six. BMW's message of wishing everyone farewell to 2020 and welcoming in the new year ended up being completely lost in the uproar, so much so that the marque has now removed the offending video entirely.

Unfortunately for BMW, it was too little, too late. Other users, such as automotive journalist Jason Cammisa on Instagram, reposted the video so we can relive BMW's awkward end to 2020 over and over again.

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Last year, the coronavirus pandemic totally changed the way that automakers revealed new models to the public, with virtual reveals quickly becoming the norm. But BMW's latest move demonstrates the potentially ugly and unforgiving side of the online sphere, where knowledgeable fans will not hesitate to communicate their dissatisfaction.

In March last year, BMW foolishly used the pandemic to punt its i8 Coupe - the backlash was significant. Then, in November, BMW ended up apologizing for a series of insulting tweets to promote the new iX. While the M2/V10 engine debacle may not be serious enough to warrant an apology, the German marque will surely want to tread more warily in the months ahead.

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