BMW Uses Artificial Intelligence To Design Rugged Off-Roader Renderings

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It turns out AI can design a better-looking BMW SUV than the automaker itself.

BMW has tasked artificial intelligence (AI) with designing a pair of hardcore off-roaders, and, somewhat surprisingly, the AI has delivered two rather impressive-looking machines.

The automaker shared the images via Instagram, previewing what could potentially be BMW's future G-Class rival. The first of the two closely resembles the X7 but does without the controversial split-headlamp design and oversized kidney grille. Parked in a digital rainforest utopia, the rugged Bimmer looks right at home thanks to a commanding ride height, chunky off-road tires, and a roof rack.

From the rear, we can see the boxed-off wheel arches and taillights, which hark back to the F15 generation BMW X5. Overall, it's rather excellent and marries classic BMW design with rugged off-road styling beautifully.


Many fans agree, commenting that BMW should fire its design team and let artificial intelligence take over. "AI understands brand identity better than the design department at BMW," wrote one user, while another expressed disdain for the exercise.

"This is completely tarnishing the brand. Really sad you guys are using CGI and AI-created images," commented another. Whether or not this has been well-received is another story, but it's got people talking about BMW styling. According to Oliver Zipse, that's the main point of the current controversial design language.

A second vehicle was also previewed and bears a striking resemblance to the previous-generation X5. Perhaps not as rugged as the first, this particular model appears to be a tougher iteration of the regular model on which it's based.


We've seen this in real life, with cars like the A6 Allroad and XC70 Cross Country offering buyers a slightly raised suspension and hard-wearing body cladding. The vehicle below has been updated with a more aggressive hood. While power domes are rather appealing, this looks like forehead wrinkles.

Overall, it's a rather attractive SUV and puts vehicles like the new BMW XM to shame.

This could be BMW's way of previewing a potential rival for the more rugged G-Class and Lexus LX. The automaker has never competed in this sphere, but with rumors that Audi may be entering the segment for the first time, perhaps Munich also feels the need to create a rival.

The example seen above would be a great place to start, but we're not holding out any hope.


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