BMW Vision Future Luxury Concept Unveiled in Beijing

2014 Beijing Auto Show

Previews next-gen 7 Series, hints at a future 9 Series flagship.

This is BMW’s current thinking of a future flagship 9 Series. It’s a concept the carmaker said it would unveil at the Beijing Motor Show and true to its word, the Vision Future Luxury Concept has been revealed showcasing an ultra-luxury sedan better suited to taking on the S-Class than the 7 Series. With a Liquid Platinum Bronze exterior, the four-door coupe concept sports a massive twin kidney grille, thin headlights using BMW’s Laserlight technology, and carbon-fiber air deflectors.

The stylish concept also boasts super slim OLED taillights, chrome trim and a BMW’s Air Breather system located behind the front wheels that extends along the bottom section of the doors. The “Luxury” part of the concept is most evident in the cabin, which blends carbon fabric, aluminum, wood and aniline leather in a layered design complemented by exposed carbon fiber. A wraparound instrument cluster consists of three intermeshing displays using 3D technology: vehicle-related info on the left, a programmable speedo and rev counter in the middle, and an infotainment display on the right.

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There’s also some new next-gen interior tech for BMW fans to get excited about. A new head-up display projects information onto the road, directing drivers’ attention to hazards, traffic signs, or certain buildings. Along with a couple of seat-mounted displays rear occupants get a Touch Command Tablet to play with, enabling them to access BMW’s Luxury Concierge Service, as well as online entertainment and trip information. BMW is unlikely to transform the concept directly into a production car, but it does offer some insight into where the company is heading.