BMW Wants A Supercar And Might Partner With This Automaker To Get It

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Yay, more supercars!

BMW makes some pretty quick cars, but whenever you think "supercars" the German automaker doesn't come to mind. According to a report from the UK's CAR Magazine that could soon change as Bimmer is looking to join forces with McLaren to create a mid-engined supercar possibly powered by a 4.0-liter V8. The BMW engine would receive an added boost from four turbochargers (two electric and two regular) for a power output of around 750bhp. So if BMW is providing the engine what is McLaren bringing forth?

As it turns out, basically everything else. BMW's supercar would actually be modeled off of the next-generation McLaren 650S. It's kind of like what Toyota and Subaru did with the FR-S/BRZ except multiplied by 100. Other interesting tidbits, taken from anonymous insiders, include a proposed launch date of late 2018, a coupe being priority and that a hybrid isn't initially on the agenda. It's also worth noting that BMW has ultra-conservative sales goals for its potential supercar, with a per-year target in the hundreds (or just a hundred-ish). Remember the two have worked together before, with BMW supplying the 6.1-liter V12 that lived inside the iconic McLaren F1. Why can't the magic be worked again?!

Automakers pairing up to cut development costs is nothing new, especially recently. The rich also seems to be getting richer as limited-run supercars from McLaren and others seemingly sell out overnight. So on paper the move makes sense. We also have to think that the guys and gals at M have been watching the supercar scene explode and saying, "We could do that."

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