BMW Wants An Audi A1 Competitor Called...What?

We thought a sub-1 Series model was out of the question.

BMW purists are not happy about the next generation 1 Series. Unlike the previous car, which was RWD, the new 1 Series will be based on the FWD platform of the current X1. Despite previously stating there wouldn't be anything smaller than the 1 Series, information from Motor claims that BMW is working on a competitor for the Audi A1. The model is rumored to be based on BMW's UKL platform which underpins the X1, 2 Series Tourer, and several Minis. This of course means that like all of these cars, this A1-fighter would be FWD.

Sorry to any BMW fans who were hoping that the brand wouldn't build more FWD cars. So what could this model be called? BMW has literally run out of numbers! The rumored car might be called the 0 Series. If everything goes as planned, we could see the 0 Series in the second half of 2017 at the Frankfort Motor Show.

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