BMW Wants To Slice Off The Rear Doors Of The 7 Series?


Hey, if Mercedes can with the S-Class.

By all objective standards, the BMW 7 Series is a stellar piece of executive car kit. In terms of ride/handling, build quality and space, the flagship Beemer is as accomplished as an $81,000+ luxury sedan should be. However, subjectivity's also a crucial factor in high-end car purchases, and it seems many are more enamored with the Mercedes-Benz S-Class. As a result, BMW needs to inject some desirability into its flagship model - with Bloomberg claiming such a move will result in a 7 Series Coupe.

Bloomberg's BMW insiders claim the Bavarian car company is well aware that the 7 Series doesn't have the desirability or the instantaneous wow factor that the Mercedes S-Class has, so BMW is allegedly taking a leaf out of Benz's book by building versions of the 7 Series that appeal to different tastes. And, on first thoughts, a coupe certainly has the potential to revive the 7er: having a two-door bodyshell would give BMW's designers the chance to make the design a bit more interesting, and the basic silhouette would be in place of a 7 Series Cabriolet (or even a 7 Series Gran Coupe) is ever given the green light for production.

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Of course, building a 7 Series Coupe does sound like BMW will create a clash with the 7-based 8 Series that's being touted to re-emerge in the next few years. However, Bloomberg's citing of an Automotive News story on BMW plotting a luxurious flagship to take on the Mercedes-Maybach does suggest that the upcoming 8 Series could indeed be positioned closer to that end of the market - thus giving BMW the room to introduce an official 7 Series Coupe that doesn't encroach on the 8 Series that should go on sale before the end of the decade. Whether that ends up being the case remains to be seen, but it's safe to say the current BMW 7 Series has a potentially very interesting future ahead of it.