BMW Was Thought To Have Lost Its Marbles With Its V8 M3

Was it really that bad?

Back in 2014 the BMW M3 finally got its inline-six back. The world returned to normal once the M3 got back the power plant it was born with. From 2007-2013 the automaker was toying with anidea laden with boyish optimism and naivety, but was it really that bad? Said idea was the 4.0-liter V8 that once donned the cowlof the M3. This video takes a long and extensive look at the experiment that lasted over halfof a decade before the switch to a turbocharged inline-six was made.

People said the V8 M3 was going to be a classic, one of a kind, the only one. Hopefully they’re right, but of course the M3 legacy is more than pistons and cylinders. All things considered the E92 clearly kept intact the M3 badge.

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