BMW Will Build a Z2, However...

It'll be based on the same platform as the new Mini Cooper.

We’ve known for a while now that BMW was seriously considering building a new sports car below the Z4. No, this doesn’t mean there’s going to be a new Z3. Instead, Car and Driver is reporting that the rumored Z2 will become a reality in 2017. However, it’s going to be front-wheel-drive. What’s more, it’ll be based on the same platform as the new Mini Cooper. Supposedly, in an effort to cut back on weight, it’ll have a fabric soft top instead of the Z4’s folding hardtop. But don’t expect the Z2 to be some hairdresser’s car.

BMW is apparently working hard to make this the car the Mini Roadster isn’t quite. In other words, its exterior design is going to be compact without looking retro-cute. Total weight will be, more or less, around 2,500 lbs. Not Mazda MX-5 light, but still a solid number. Power will come from a choice of three- and four-cylinder engines. To satisfy enthusiasts, BMW will likely put greater focus on the latter engine, which could produce as much as 230 horsepower in top-end versions. There’s even a possibility for a Z2 M at some point down the road. C&D predicts that it could easily produce 300-hp, with power sent to all four wheels. An AWD Z2 M with 300 ponies? Consider us down for one.

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