BMW Will Differentiate High-End Models With Bold Designs

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Can we get more grille with that cowbell?

BMW has been responsible for some of the most beautiful car designs of the past century, and while we appreciate the strikingly good looks of contemporary cars such as the BMW M2, some feel that the German automaker has lost the plot in recent years. Cars like the BMW 4 Series with its gaping grille have split opinions but have also spawned a series of copycats. Two weeks ago, the BMW Concept XM made headlines with its bold styling, and a week later, a leaked image of the BMW 7 Series' new grille got people talking about the future of BMW design, and how different models will differentiate themselves from each other.

Front View BMW
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Currently, it is very difficult to tell where BMW is going with its design language: the 7 Series, X7, and 4 Series all feature gaping wounds for grilles, while the 2 Series, 8 Series, and next-generation 5 Series do not. BMW is all too aware of the confusing state of affairs and looks to be making plans to distinguish cars with bolder design differences. BMW plans to start by designating similar design elements to cars it places in its "GKL" (Grand Klasse) class, including the 7 Series, X7, and the new XM, BMW's first standalone M car in 40 years. These models will get similar front-end design elements such as the large front grille and split headlight design.

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What that means for the current big-grille BMWs isn't exactly clear, as the company is planning a major shift in strategy and a platform change by 2025. Popular models such as the 3 Series and X3 won't have redesign concepts ready until 2025, so there is very little known about BMW's design strategy. What we know is that BMW's CLAR architecture will be replaced in the next four years by the next-generation Neue Klasse architecture which should herald some new design concepts. If the XM is anything to go by, BMW's future is an exciting - if controversial - one, and we can't wait to see what comes next.

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