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BMW Will Electrify The 4 Series GT Because Of The Tesla Model 3

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And it won't be an "i" model.

BMW is fully aware it has to alter its long-terms plans regarding vehicle electrification. Its i sub-brand hasn't been as successful as hoped, mainly because EVs are going mainstream much faster than originally thought. Therefore, according to Autocar, BMW is planning to launch a 4 Series GT in 2019 as a replacement for both the slow-selling 3 Series GT and 4 Series Gran Coupe, and for 2020 it'll be offered as a pure EV as well. Specifically, the 4 Series GT EV will be a direct rival to the upcoming Tesla Model 3.

Based on the also upcoming next generation 3 Series, the 4 Series GT will initially be sold with a conventional gasoline engine and an optional plug-in hybrid variant. The EV version will arrive later in the year, and BMW is aiming for it to have a 311-mile driving range and a base price similar to that of the Model 3. Like Tesla, BMW may offer buyers a choice of electric powertrain options, one of which will have all-wheel drive, and extended range and power based on price. BMW will also have a rear-wheel-drive option that, in turn, would give the 4 GT a weight balance and driving personality similar to that of regular BMWs.

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What's for certain is that the i sub-brand nomenclature won't be applied to the 4 GT. BMW has come to realize that it needs to properly integrate EVs into its regular, mainstream lineup as opposed to separating them into a more quirky lineup, as it's currently doing. Does this mean the i3 and i8 won't have direct replacements? More than likely they will, at least the i8. In any case, big changes are happening at BMW these days and we'll start to see the fruits of its labor beginning to emerge in a few years' time.