BMW XM May Lose Its V8 For Inline-Six Power

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But it's not coming to America.

The rumored, cheaper BMW XM is reportedly receiving a six-cylinder engine setup most likely derived from the one in the BMW M760e. First reported by Bimmer Today, the model will slot in slightly beneath the current XM cost-wise and will most likely be called the 50e. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you feel about the XM), the model is reportedly only slated for the Chinese market at this point in time.

From our experience driving the new XM, we found it to be a divisive hybrid revelation. Regardless of what you think of the styling, it drives like an SUV that weighs thousands of pounds less thanks to some impressive tech and a gutsy hybrid Twin-turbo V8 drivetrain. BMW seems to think this is more than enough for us Americans, but there's just something about an inline-six that gets you excited.


The model will be less powerful, but not by much. Our version produces 640 hp and 590 lb-ft of torque, which is more than enough to make the vehicle feel faster than it supposedly is. If the 50e does get the 7-Series hybrid we assume it will, this means it will make 571 hp and 590 lb-ft of torque.

The benefit of this is it will be more efficient than the V8 model, achieving 117 mpg engine/electric combined thanks to the ability to travel around 50 miles on pure electricity alone. This is an increase over our version, which achieves about 30 miles on electricity alone, so if you're looking for fuel economy over power, it does seem attractive.

That's also on top of the price. There's obviously been nothing confirmed yet, but the model should come in 10-15 thousand less than the regular model which starts at $160,000.


Substantial savings? Potentially, but when you're talking about cars that cost six figures most people are more interested in a vehicle to show off rather than a vehicle that makes sense. This is precisely why we're getting the $185,000, 735 hp Label Red model instead.

This reason is why the model will never come to the US. The XM is meant to print money for BMW, and all indicators point to it doing just that when it goes on sale. BMW most likely thinks it isn't worth cutting into these sales with a cheaper option especially because it offers other SUVs, like the Alpina XB7, at a similar price.

Whatever the reason though, it won't be the first time a luxury brand sold an inline-six in China and not here, so we should all thank Stellantis and Mazda for doing us justice when others choose not to.


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