BMW Will Reveal Six New Electric Cars Between 2025 and 2027

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First up will be a sedan and an SUV.

During the BMW Group Annual Conference 2023, the German brand spoke about its upcoming Neue Klasse range of electric cars. It was announced that BMW will reveal six new models between 2025 and 2027.

BMW already has new electric vehicles coming this year, including the i5 sedan and i5 Touring, and iX2 crossover. The i5 models will debut at the same time as the all-new BMW 5 Series.

The first wave of Neue Klasse will feature a new design language. The technology hinges on a newly developed wiring harness, the next generation of high-performance drivetrains, and significant battery efficiency improvements. BMW also spoke about a "fundamentally new UX/UI concept," which likely means the iDrive system is reaching the end of its development cycle.


In 2026, BMW says Neue Klasse manufacturing will spread out to the main factory in Germany after its upgrade is finished. In 2027, production of Neue Klasse vehicles will start, following a roughly $860 million investment at Plant San Luis Potosi in Mexico. That investment includes a local high-voltage battery assembly plant. It won't end there, though, and BMW says it will announce more EV factories soon.

This is all in anticipation of BMW's prediction that it will deliver 10 million fully-electric vehicles to customers by 2030. Its first significant milestone is projected at two million fully electric cars in 2025.

These are big numbers to put to paper, and shows BMW's confidence in pushing electric vehicles forward. The company even predicts a 50% BEV sales share "well ahead of 2030."


"Substance is convincing - and this is where our models speak for themselves. That is why we are striving for further significant growth in fully-electric vehicles this year and expect them to account for 15% of our total sales," said Oliver Zipse, Chairman of the Board of Management of BMW AG. "Proven strengths, future-oriented technologies, and the Neue Klasse - that is our recipe for success in the coming years. With this combination, we are in the right position to be able to respond precisely to different developments in the various regions of the world."

BMW promises to flesh out further steps and new details on what it describes as "the road to the Neue Klasse" at the German motor show in Munich later this year.


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