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BMW Won't Build An M2 Convertible, So This Company Built Its Own

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It even has more power than the M2 Competition.

The new BMW M2 Competition takes the already fun M2, and makes it even faster and more hardcore. The M2 Competition will likely please a lot of enthusiasts, but there are some people who prefer their sports car to be a bit less serious, and a bit more open-top. BMW has already said it does not want to build an M2 convertible, because the M240i convertible already fills the role in the lineup. If you simply won't settle for an M240i and want a full on M2 convertible, a German tuner shop called Lightweight Performance has you covered.

This is the same company that stuffed a 600 horsepower engine from the M4 GTS into an M2. In total, the project cost around 75,000 euros to build. For comparison, the M2 costs 59,900 euros in Germany and the M240i Convertible is 54,300. The one-off creation has been nicknamed "Hillary," though LW Performance doesn't go into specifics on where the name came from. Clearly, a lot of work was done to keep a factory feel, because this M2 convertible looks remarkably close to something BMW would build on a production line. The car even features the same 3.0-liter S55 inline-six mated to a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission as the normal M2.

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Not content to leave the engine stock, LW Performance bumped the power up from the stock 365 horsepower, to 422 hp (more than the new M2 Competition). This car also packs features not found on a standard M2, including 305/25/21 section tires in the rear, with 20-inch wheels up front and ABS tuning from the M4 GTS. The interior even includes plenty of alcantara and leather, keeping this car looking just like an M2 coupe. This is truly the closest thing in the world to a factory M2 convertible. Photo credit: Jordi Miranda