BMW Won't Kill Manual M Cars So Long As People Keep Spending Money On Them


If one in three people buy a manual M then we're all good.

When it comes to BMW M, gearheads are rightfully worried that its cars may one day soon come without the option of a manual transmission. The M5 is already losing its manual and as such the M6 is facing the same fate. But not all is lost! Road & Track talked with Frank Isenberg, head of BMW driver training, and he confirmed that the automaker will continue offering manuals on the M2, M3 and M4. That is if around 30% of people keep buying them. Supply and demand, folks.

What's more is that R & T learned that the M2/M3/M4 will continue to be rear-wheel drive. The next-gen M5/M6 are going to be outfitted with part-time all-wheel drive to help manage all the power being put down. While it sucks to lose manual M cars the reality is that the automaker shouldn't offer an option nobody is buying. The M5 isn't really the car for rowing your own gears anyway, and the automaker's Drivelogic dual-clutch is the better bet when it comes to both performance and daily driving; not shifting always makes life easier, if duller at times. So, to recap: As long as one in three customers buys an M car with a manual then BMW will keep making them. Sounds fair enough to us.

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