BMW Promises To Keep The Sedan Alive

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Although a three-box shape is arguably unnecessary, the Bavarian automaker will stick with tradition.

Head of BMW Design Domagoj Dukec said that the Bavarian automaker will not abandon the three-box sedan shape, even though most buyers have turned to SUVs and crossovers. These comments were made in an interview with The Drive, ahead of the automaker's latest concept being unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show 2023.

When asked why BMW will keep building sedans, he responded: "Why not? You could do something different to say, 'I am different.' But the sedan shape is not linked to a combustion engine. It's just because it's the most efficient shape around passengers." Think about it. A three-box shape gives you plenty of trunk space and plenty of legroom in one package.

BMW has come under fire numerous times in the last decade for its bold and controversial design choices, which it has defended relentlessly. But the designer also said that tradition is a big part of the brand's identity, and BMW wants to continue using certain elements.


"We link the past; BMW has always done a three-box sedan," said Dukec. "We want to show our customers [that] if the world is changing, we'll adapt. But certain things will always stay familiar. We [don't] have to do it, but we love it."

Evidence that BMW has an eye on the past - even as it looks to the future - can be found in the recently revealed i Vision Dee Concept, specifically in the concept's sedan shape, its Hofmeister kink, and the twin headlights on either end of its front fascia.

"Our cars will be more about quality. Also, a pure machine you don't wish to change every three years," said the designer. "[We're] making a design so pure that it'll last for 10 years, so much so that it won't need a facelift. A facelift is very superficial."

Of course, BMW likely won't pass up the opportunity to get buyers into new cars with facelifts, but it's reassuring to be told that the Neue Klasse vehicles will be pure in design.


A J.D. Power report found that SUVs and trucks accounted for more than 80% of new-vehicle retail sales in the US in January, meaning that less than a fifth of retail sales was for typical passenger cars. Nevertheless, the sedan shape has numerous benefits to the average consumer, and for BMW, it's something of a calling card. Could you imagine a world in which the 3 Series was not part of BMW's lineup, even if that 3 Series is powered by electricity? It's unfathomable.

BMW is not the only manufacturer returning to sedans and wagons, either. Will the electric age bring with it a greater appreciation of the three-box shape? Time will tell, but as things stand, it seems that SUVs and crossovers won't have the new car market all to themselves.

For fans of a brand like BMW, that is good news indeed.

Source Credits: The Drive

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