BMW Working On Cleaner Gasoline And Diesel Engines

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Before the brand goes electric, its fossil-fuel products will get cleaner.

With the arrival of products such as the BMW iX range, the Bavarian manufacturer, like its European peers, is slowly transitioning into an all-electric line-up. Before it can get there, it will have to clean up its current crop of internal combustion engines so that it can fall in line with the ever-increasing emissions standards.

Speaking to Auto Motor and Sport, BMW Board Member for Development Frank Weber says that the brand will be releasing cleaner fossil-fuel powerplants. This is because it will still be relying on combustion engines for a few more years as it attempts to effectively reduce CO2 emissions. As a result, he confirms that revised diesel, straight-six, and V8 units are coming.

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These engines will be technologically equipped for the upcoming Euro 7 emissions standards with the six-cylinder in general expected to see a drastic reduction in CO2 emissions. Weber adds that this reduction will be unlike any of its previous generation changes and says that the brand is helped by the fact that global legislation is starting to align with that of Europe.

When asked whether the next generations will be built from scratch or just a major overhaul, Weber says that the new range will not be like the ones currently available. Key components such as the cylinder heads will be all-new but he doesn't go on to clarify what else will be exchanged. He just states that finding the balance of reducing overall emissions and satisfying the performance needs of the customer is of the utmost importance.

2023 BMW i7 Front View Driving BMW 2023 BMW i7 Charge Port BMW
2023 BMW i7 Front View Driving
2023 BMW i7 Charge Port

Weber explains that the new generation of engines is not just being introduced to keep the European emissions commission happy. It's also so that BMW can provide itself with a runway until the world is ready for its EV products. Certain global markets are not yet ready to fully accommodate a conclusive electric car ownership experience due to lacking infrastructure.

Weber also notes that reception to its greener products has been satisfactory. The current BMW X5 PHEV range, which boasts an independent electric range of up to 60 miles, has been garnering an exceptionally high level of customer approval. While the future is electric, BMW cannot force its customers into an all-electric product. He anticipates that a full transition will take at least another decade.

2022 BMW i4 Side View BMW Charging Point BMW
2022 BMW i4 Side View
Charging Point
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Engine Engine 2023 BMW i7 Front View Driving 2023 BMW i7 Charge Port

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